tuning in

July 10, 2007

trichodes apiarus

Red and black colouring apparently signifies “not very tasty” to hungry birds.  As a result, perhaps, they are often more out in the open than the less colourful variety.  Maybe, as well, for this reason they also don’t need to rely so much on acoustic communication as they can easily be visually identified by their potential mates.

During my stay here, as I have been tuning my listening in to this micro world that surrounds me, I have been amazed at how much detail is there and how much information there is to pick up on.  I find myself fascinated by the pitch of those insects that fly past me, by the rhythms of the crickets and grasshoppers, the spacing between the different calls, and what all these things may signify.

As I research the phonotactic behavior employed by these creatures it is clear that there is so much to learn, not only about the insects themselves, but also something about the actual nature of sound and possibly even some of the reasons behind its different functions.

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